Our site also helps customers and allows customers in any district to post logs and content on our site. Thereby allowing customers to connect interfaces without our audit. In any case, we also give our customers the opportunity to control the connections. So that there is no blurring requirement on our site.

We maintain a severe approach to permanently deleting and suspending the registration of clients who deny copyright, regardless of whether it is done unintentionally or deliberately. That is why we use our discretion to control all substance on our site.

Please educate our copyright specialist if your substance is repudiat or abuse by any customer on our site.

Write us the following information.

  • An electronic or real mark of the person who is allow to track the owner whose substance has been copyright abuse.
  • A full acknowledgment of the substance being abuse that given and, in case more than one substance is ignore. Please provide a summary of those substances with first site linkages.
  • Full recognition of the abuse substance is require so that we can act against it. Further end the entry of clients who were include.
  • Full details of the complainant are require for us to be able to contact him, including address, telephone number or portable number and additionally email address, etc.
  • A full claim by the complainant verifying the use of copyright without the authorization of the owner.
  • An explanation confirming that data provide is 100% accurate. The complainant is in the interest of the owner whose copyright has been abused.

These data provide about copyright infringement sent to our representative info@homestratosphere.net.