Isn’t an NBN technician or an Antenna Installer Obsolete Today?

“Why do I need antenna installers near me?” That is an extremely prescient an understandable question you may be asking, especially if you live in a metropolitan area on the coast somewhere in Australia, or abroad. However, you would be surprised by the fact that antenna installers are so pretty necessary and the large, vast expanse of the Australian outback, where settlements are small and decidedly remote.

I’ll get to that in a second, but first, let’s take a look at why people tend to think that such things would be obsolete. Why do you think you don’t need an NBN technician, or an antenna installer? Well, in the big cities, you still need NBN technicians, as this is the central infrastructure through which communications is handled, albeit through primarily purer fiber-optic or pure coaxial, whereas its hybrid out in more rural areas, and still somewhat nonexistent in some of the truly remote parts of the country.

Antenna installers, however, in the big cities, are just not that much in demand. The truth is, broadcast television is a dying media form and more densely-populated areas, Internet-based on-demand streaming systems supplanting this concept rapidly, the recent pandemic reinforcing this with people becoming so accustomed to binge watching whatever they want whenever they want.

This isn’t the case in the more remote parts of the world such as the Australian outback, where high-quality broadband Internet isn’t quite as readily available. This is rapidly changing, but for the moment, in order to watch a lot of modern programming, you either have to wait for episodes to download over DSL-speed Internet, or you have to watch digital broadcasts, and this is why you need to search for “antenna installers near me”.

As far as NBN technicians, and NBN technician will be able to connect you to the network of landlines in broadband Internet as they are gradually spread across the Australian outback, and undertaking that is going to require the next couple of decades, and probably have quite a few setbacks as better technology and better cabling systems are invented before it’s even complete.

Another use for antennas, by the way, maybe in store for the immediate future as well. You see, antennas may be the way that broadband Internet is delivered to homes in the more remote parts of the outback and rural Australia in the future as clusters of cellular transponders are put in place. This will be easier to achieve than running a whole lot of NBN cable or pure fiber optics, but won’t really be that viable until 6G or 7G wireless systems are put in place probably 10 or more years into the future.

In the interim, it’s just plain rough living out there in the more remote parts of the country, and it’s understandable why it takes a certain type of personality to want to live out there. If you are dependent on the 24-hour news cycle, unlimited on-demand entertainment, and conductivity to the Internet at modern speeds, there aren’t a lot of options for achieving that out there.

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