Some Top Hot Water Systems in Australia

When you are looking for professionals to handle a gas leak repair in Perth or a hot water system, then you need a first-class plumber and gas fitter. But as well as doing some research yourself, you can also talk to many gas fitters about what your options are when it comes to the best Australian hot water systems. Here is a look at some of the more popular systems in the country.

Dux systems

Dux has been a popular brand of systems and products since 1915 so certainly knows their market. A water heater from this company is considered to be one of the top quality brands and offer options for economic, efficient and hygienic products in hot water supply. Being a well-known manufacturer they also have a good reputation for customer service.

Rheem systems

The first Rheem water heater in Australia was created in 1939. Since those times they have developed and improved their products to become one of the most well-known and trusted brands around the country. Its focus is on continuous flow gas units; you would have a commercial gas fitter handle, gas and electric storage units, energy-efficient heat pumps, and solar hot water systems. It continues to develop Australian units today that are of great quality and popular.

Bosch systems

If you are looking for a company with some history in the country then Bosch has been making products for over 125 years. It is great for a number of products including continuous flow gas hot water systems and heat pump designs offering energy-efficient solutions.

AquaMAX systems

A newer company, AquaMAX is an Australian brand that offers 5 star rated gas products and high-efficiency electric storage for a little over 30 years. People enjoy its stainless steel gas storage, continuous flow and electric storage units.

Rinnai systems

A little older than AquaMax, Rinnai provides a number of hot water systems on the market in Australia and has for more than 40 years. Gas appliances offer Australians convenience, reliability, and comfort and they continue to innovate and meet the demand people have for their products. They understand the importance of being environmentally friendly as well as energy-efficient and any commercial gas fitter can tell you about their systems. One of the best brands if you want to get a gas continuous flow hot water system.


There are some great brands for reliable and affordable hot water systems. If you call someone in for a gas leak repair Perth and it turns out the problem is an old hot water system, perhaps you might want to look into one of these popular options. Talk to your professional fitters and talk about what your needs are, how large the home is, how many live there, and when your usage is more likely, and they can then help you narrow down the many great options there are out there.

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